Parks, shipwrecks & dolphins – all on Brisbane’s doorstep

 In Brisbane

Brisbane is Queensland’s capital city. And while it offers the vibrant dynamic of city life you’ll also find it’s surrounded by many wonderful natural experiences. Located on the southern end of Moreton Bay is one of the world’s largest sand islands – North Stradbroke Island. It’s easily accessible by ferry which leaves from Cleveland daily.

It’s amazing to think that it’s only a 25-minute ferry ride away from Brisbane. Yet it feels like it’s a thousand kilometres away.

Scuba diving is probably not the first adventure that springs to mind when you think of Brisbane but diving on North Stradbroke Island is great. It has abundant marine life, which leads the way for wonderful diving experiences all year round.

Lifestyle on the island is very relaxed, so you’ll easily be able to wind down and connect with nature’s beauty all around you. Brisbane’s hinterland is only a short drive from the city where you can explore D’Aguilar National Park’s many walking tracks and creeks. It’s only 12 kilometres from Brisbane’s city centre and sprawls out across 35,000 hectares. You can walk slowly and breathe in the fresh air as you admire this ancient forest’s beauty.

When you visit Brisbane, heading out to Tangalooma and Moreton Island is an absolute must. It’s a nature’s playground out there with beautiful areas to explore and an abundance of wildlife.  Did you know that 15 wrecks are buried in a sandbank just off Moreton Island? Explore them by taking a guided snorkel or dive around them as you enjoy the marine life all around.  Tangalooma offers unique experiences unlike any other. Every afternoon listen to wild kookaburras laughing as they arrive to be fed. And in the evenings head down to the beach to hand feed the wild but playful bottlenose dolphins.

Golden sandy islands with amazing animal encounters, beautiful rainforests and national parks. Brisbane has amazing natural experiences to enjoy so close to its vibrant city.

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  • Alan Saunders

    We had an awesome stay in Brisbane and went to Tangalooma for the day. Did you know that Tangalooma is Aboriginal for “fish meeting place?”

    • Mark Gwilliam

      Kia ora Alan…many thanks for reading my article and no I didn’t know that so thanks again!

  • Samantha James

    It’s not a place I’ve ever thought of visiting but I would definitely love to now. I’ve been scuba diving in Fiji, New Zealand, The Great Barrier Reef and must try out the shipwrecks here!

  • Bazza

    We had an amazing trip out to North Stradboke on Wednesday. The weather was warm in the mid to high 20s – lots of swimming and sealife. Highly recommended.

  • Sarah Bllom

    Tangalooma was an ideal place to stay and relax. Great snorkelling and water activities and lovely natural environment to chill out.

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