Discovering Natural Queensland Attractions at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

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Many parents ask which Queensland attractions will keep the whole family happy.  We all know that Australia has abundant wildlife.  The kangaroo, crocodile and koala, in particular, have become such a part of Australia’s charm.  Souvenirs incorporating them can be found all over Australia.

But have you ever cuddled a koala? Fed a crocodile? Or stand amongst a mob of kangaroos, where you actually feel like you’re at one with them?  That is emotional rapport – one that strikes the heart to be able to get so close and personal with these amazing creatures.

So which Queensland attraction, nestled in the heart of the Gold Coast with 27 hectares of rain forest will let you get up close and personal?  Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, of course.

It’s home to the biggest assortment of native wildlife in Australia.  The sanctuary was founded back in 1947 by Alex Griffiths, an accidental environmentalist, who started feeding lorikeets in order to stop them from destroying his prized flowers. This seemed to build a curious magnetism for locals and tourists alike, and people came from all over just to see the curious sensation. Griffiths then turned over his sanctuary to the National Trust of Queensland who invested in different areas of wildlife conservation such as research, caring for the injured and much needed public awareness campaigns.

As part of their campaign for education, the park offers different interactive programs that cater to all types. There are school programs, holiday programs for kids 6 to 12 years old, night programs, wildlife on wheels, forest walks, course challenges and even community courses.  There are also wildlife shows for snakes, birds and marsupials and feeding times that engage experts to explain about their animals’ natural habitats and what everyone can do to help preserve these wonderful animals and their environments.

A significant portion of the proceeds collected via admission charges (and private donations) go to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital that treats all types of animals, from the most agitated pelicans to the most docile parrots.

Apart from giving tours inside the sanctuary itself, Currumbin extends its campaign for wildlife conservation to businesses and homes as they are part of the ecoBiz program, opened by the Environmental Protection Agency.

They are a leading example of recycling and minimising water and electricity wastage, as paper in the sanctuary is reused as bedding for the animals and writing pads.  Uneaten food and beverage and also uneaten eucalyptus leaves is turned into mulch and used in the aviaries.

To help sustain the expensive needs of animal care, the sanctuary has three café restaurants to choose from which also makes for a convenient stop. Sanctuary Café, Koala Junction and Sawrey Room are also available for birthday and wedding functions.

If you find a wild bird dropping by to join your lunch, don’t be surprised. This too is one of the blessings of taking part in a Queensland attraction that cares for its animals.

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  • Tracey

    This place is awesome. I visited it a number of years ago but sounds like it’s worth another look.

  • Jessica Tolley-Spence

    Hi there,
    We’re in the area for a few days, which Gold Coast attraction would you recommend for my husband and I? We can only do one animal park, the koala sanctuary or the Currumbin one?

    • Mark Gwilliam
  • Simone

    I found your blog in my search for things to do on the Gold Coast for my holiday next month. I’m looking forward to seeing the animals. Thanks for your site.

  • Sherill Schultze

    I have just arrived in Australia and was looking for a Queensland attraction that wasn’t all beach and bars. I’m glad I came across your site as I’m heading down to Labrador next week and will certainly take a look at Curumbin.

  • Eura Ryback

    We have just come back from Currumbin and I have to say iy was one of the best days we ahev had in a very long time. The kids liked the ropes whilst me and hubbie took in the park at our own pace. Your writing style is so easy to read. Keep up the good work.

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