A Gold Coast Theme Park For Animal-Lovers: Dreamworld Australia

 In Gold Coast

Out of all the Gold Coast theme parks, Dreamworld is by far the most popular. Located on the Pacific Highway, this Gold Coast theme park is beloved by international and Australian tourists alike. Dreamworld not only features the fastest and tallest rides in the world, but there also animal attractions for nature lovers.

Australian Wildlife Experience

This sixty hectare wildlife sanctuary features more than 800 animals that are native to the continent.  The Australian Wildlife Experience at Dreamworld opened in 1987, and has since been regarded as one of the biggest wildlife parks in south-eastern Queensland.

You can visit Koala Country, which features the one of the largest populations of koalas in the world, second only to the Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane. You can actually play with a koala and get your picture taken with one by a photographer (at additional cost).  Koala Country also offers you the opportunity to view, feed and touch kangaroos by way of their kangaroo enclosure. If you like birds, you can also visit the free-flight aviary where you can feed different kinds of birds such as doves, rainbow lorikeets, finches and parrots.  You can take your kids to see a real live tasmanian devil at the Tasmanian Devil Display, and you can visit the Nocturnal House, which features barn owls, squirrel gliders and feathertail gliders.

Always worth a visit is the Australian Animal Presentation, where you can view rare animals such as the Bilby (now considered an endangered species), cuddly koalas, colourful cockatoos, creepy snakes and crocodiles and many more.  There are a variety of animals on display, including ones from the wet tropics like red-legged pademelons and flightless cassowaries. You can drop in before or after you visit the Nocturnal House, as it’s right next door.

If you’re more interested in animals of the scaly kind, visit the Kakadu. It features a crocodile pool, and you can also watch the crocodiles being fed during the crocodile feeding show. Take pictures of the largest crocodiles in the park: a female saltwater crocodile 3.6 meters long, and a male which is 4.8 meters long and weighs an massive 800 kilograms. If that’s too scary for the kids, there are smaller freshwater crocodiles that are also on display. The Kakadu wetlands also have a wide array of water birds like the waterhen.

You can also have an authentic outback experience by visiting the Outback Adventure Area. It contains animals such as emus, southern hairy-nosed wombats and other animals that thrive in the Australian Outback.

You also have the opportunity to see real live Sumatran and Bengal tigers on Tiger Island, which is another popular animal attraction. Currently they have a total of fourteen tigers but there may soon be more, as Dreamworld has its own tiger breeding programme. 

For an additional cost, you can go for a stroll with tigers and their handlers during the Tiger Walks or watch them perform during Tiger Presentations.

Do some further reading for more information on the Australian Wildlife Experience at the Dreamworld Gold Coast Theme Park.

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  • Kenneth

    I wonder if many people have read your article on Dreamworld. Your comments took me back to my own Dreamworld experience with my kids earlier this year.

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