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We’re all familiar with the myriad of Queensland’s Gold Coast attractions – its golden sandy  beaches, designer shops,  the Hinterlands, the theme parks, and much more.  But did you know that 3 gems await you right in the heart of Surfers Paradise?   Here are the top three spots that you should not miss:

Oddities at Ripley’s Believe it or Not

Ever examined a Martian rock up-close? Stared at a number of real men’s shrunken heads? Or seen a car so small, you can literally squeeze yourself into it or carry it and is perfectly legal to drive?  No.  Then head over to Ripley’s Believe it or Not Odditorium in Surfer’s Paradise.

The odditorium contains 15 individually themes air-conditioned galleries that will keep you amused for hours.  Exhibits like its collection of Michael Jackson images painted on cockroaches (yes you’d better believe it!); or the Da Vinci code inscribed on pieces of toast!

Discover Australia’s only fantasy dance room where you’ll be able to recreate your very own dance illusions.  Experience the Outer Space Odyssey or test your nerve in the Medieval Dungeon.  And, believe it or not, Robert Ripley himself has been reincarnated from the netherworld as he tells you a ghost story in the odditorium’s Egyptian tomb, where you’ll also discover both rare and real artifacts from real tombs.

There are so many unbelievable exhibits, interactive touch-screens and illusions that you’ll spend hours and never see them all.

And be sure to bring your camera with you.  You will want to have your photo taken, sat next to the world’s tallest man!  You will need some evidence that those heads from Ecuador are real and that car is fully functional. Believe it or not!

Scare yourself at Dracula’s Haunted House

Experience a blood curdling hour or two at Dracula’s Haunted House in the centre of Surfers Paradise.  Covering five levels, you’ll discover some of the most hair-raising optical illusions and special effects you will ever encounter.

If you can survive the 5 levels, you’ll discover haunted passages, a killer croc, dare doors and a museum called the Carnival of Freaks guaranteed to send shivers down your spine, if not “pee-inducing” horror.

If you are brave enough to walk at your own pace, (you may be tempted to run!) and survive the shark attack and the curse of King Tut, you’ll make it through to the Phobia Level.  There you’ll be met by all sorts of things that go “bump in the night” and you’ll beg to be taken to the Carnival of Freaks where the pirates and clowns will show you a good time.  And if you are not feint hearted, you’ll be desperate to see what’s hidden behind the various “dare doors” on each level.

By the time you reach, The Sewer Maze and Zombie Meter Maids in The Underworld, you’ll think the Shark Mauled Lifesaver was play acting!

Of course, you can choose to spend an afternoon shopping with everyone else in Surfers.  Or you can marvel at the mind blowing optical illusions and special effects in a Gold Coast attraction that you won’t forget in a hurry.  It’s time to “face your fears” I dare you!

Let your senses do the talking at Infinity’s “funhouse of adventure”

It’s difficult to choose the right adjective to describe the experience you get at Infinity.  It’s located right in the centre of Surfers and is popular with both locals and tourists.

Infinity offers a unique experience that, using cutting edge technology, challenges your senses and also ignites your imagination.  Walk at your own pace on your journey through its 20 environments covering 800m² of special effects, video projection and state of the art sound systems.

Its creator, a Gold Coast local called Gregg Thompson, has designed each environment to ensure that visitors experience a truly memorable visit and find it impossible to compare it with anything else.

Float endlessly in space in the Glow Tubes; dance on top of a 40 storey high skyscraper in The Infinite Kaleidoscope; or impersonate Indiana Jones as you negotiate the Light Canyon.

Infinity is 40 minutes of excellent family entertainment.  So take the whole family to this truly remarkable 21st century “fun-house” and let me know how you’d describe your Infinity experience.

So as you can see, there’s more to Surfers Paradise than its beaches, shopping and theme parks.  Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Dracula’s Haunted House and Infinity are three popular Gold Coast attractions that you should add to your schedule.  Your kids will thank you for it.

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  • Tracey

    Have always wondered about these places when we’ve been over to the Gold Coast but as I’ve not been able to ask anyone what they’re like we’ve always resisted. Next time we go I think we’ll definitely being paying one (if not all) of them a visit.

  • Anna

    Haven’t been to Infinity, but I must say I’ve been hearing a lot.. I won’t miss the chance to check it out when I’m in Gold Coast…

  • Mark

    Hi Tracey & Anna

    Thanks for your comments.

    We’ve visited many of the Gold Coast theme parks and have to say they are great. We visited all 3 of these attractions in the evening and they were brilliant entertainment. I have often walked by them and wondered what they were like – now I know!

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