Gold Coast Theme Park, Dreamworld, is a Thrill Seekers’ Paradise

 In Gold Coast

When you think of Queensland’s Gold Coast theme parks, Dreamworld will be one of the first to pop into your head.  It holds the distinction of being not only the biggest Gold Coast theme park, but also the biggest theme park in the whole of Australia.  Comprised of a variety of themed lands and containing 27 rides, including 4 spectacular roller coasters, a trip to Dreamworld is a must for any thrill seeker headed to Queensland.

The park has a wide variety of rides on offer, so no matter what your age or level of daring is, you will definitely have plenty to enjoy.  Its biggest draws are the Big Six Thrill Rides. These are the rides that will get you talking, the rides that when you return home from your trip you will be able to boast of daring to try, and the rides that make Dreamworld memorable.

Every Gold Coast theme park has a signature ride, and at Dreamworld that ride is the Giant Drop. This attraction slowly lifts people 39 storeys into the air, and just as you are beginning to admire the fantastic view of the Gold Coast, you find yourself plummeting down to the earth below at over 200kmh. The Gian Drop holds the honour of being both the highest and fastest freefall drop ride anywhere on the planet. Certainly not something for the faint of heart!

If you haven’t had enough free falling action at that point, feel free to give the Tower of Terror a go. This ride works as almost a reverse version of the Big Drop where you are propelled 38 storeys into the air on a steel track at 160kph before gravity propels you back down the track at a death defying speed. Follow this with a ride on one of the most unique attractions Dreamworld has to offer, the Mick Doohan Motocoaster.  Featuring life size 500cc racing bikes, this ‘coaster blasts you from 0-72kph in under 3 seconds on a ride that is unlike anything else in the world.

Next on your Dreamworld Big Six circuit is the Cyclone rollercoaster. This is the park’s most extreme ‘coaster and features a 360 degree loop and a reverse sidewinder, both of which have you facing the ground. Add in a 40 meter drop and you can see why you will be pulling a G force of 3 at the Cyclones fastest point.

The Wipeout is a ride that is sure to get your head spinning. Two arms that move independently have you flipping, twisting, and turning to the point where you will have no idea which way is up and which is down. Your final test within the Big Six is the fantastically named Claw. This ride has you spinning through 360 degrees at nine storeys in the air, oh and as if that isn’t enough, you just happen to be doing this while at zero gravity!

Dreamworld boasts so many amazing attractions that it is hard pick out just a few. That being said, the Big Six make it a Gold Coast theme park to remember.

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  • Celia

    What a kwl post. I am planning to go to the Gold Coast next month and read your blog with interest. I have looked at their site and can’t wait to give the claw a go. Cheers C

  • Josie Harris

    I am going to the Gold Coast next week with my hubbie and two teenage sons. They have said they want to spend 2 days at Dreamworld so they can have a go on as many rides as possible. How far is it from Brisbane? Can you do it on 1 day to do it justice to? What’s the weather like. We’fre from the US?

    • Editor

      Hi Josie – thanks for your comments. Most of the Gold Coast theme parks are about 45 to 60 minutes from Brisbane. I have just got back with my family last week and the weather was fine – about 21 degrees. I’d suggest getting one of their Q4u options which saves a heap of time. That way you can experience more in one day. Have a great trip. Mark

  • Xavier Morientes

    Looks like a great place to have a fun trip with the family… I hope to try the Big Drop, though I bet the wife won’t join me hahahaha..

  • Marie-Christine

    We’re visiting Australia and Gold Coast as well from France. Is Dreamworld also interesting for small children?
    Thank you,

    • Editor

      Hi MC-thanks for your comments. You’ll love it. I have been to Disneyland Paris and Dreamworld is heaps of fun. I have been to Dreamworld many times and my kids have progressed from the kiddies’ Nickelodean to the serious stuff. Seriously, there is so much to do for small children. There’s the zoo, where they can see koalas & kangaroos and Wiggles World will keep them entertained.

  • John Pierce

    Blimey the Big Drop is like a collective bungy jumping experience! Don’t miss it if you’re a thrill seeker.

  • Trevor

    I’ve been to Dreamworld and I must say it was worth the hype.. My daughter had so much fun that she keeps on asking me to plan another visit to Dreamworld.

  • Sandra

    Dreamworld was the perfect ending to my perfect Queensland holiday. I must say that the Gold Coast theme parks rock. We will be back for more!

  • Jim Sharits

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  • Andy

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    I really liked your blog post. I’m coming to Australia soon so was searching for things to do. Many thanks again.

  • Dina

    Nice blog post, it has got me interested in visiting the Gold Coast for my next vacation trip.

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