Sea World Is Still A Must See Queensland Attraction

 In Gold Coast

When it comes to Queensland attractions, Sea World is the oldest of the group, but make sure that you don’t confuse age with staleness as the theme park still has a lot to offer.

Originally founded in 1958 as Surfers Paradise Ski Gardens, Sea World has a long and storied history on the Gold Coast. After a change of location and rebranding the park opened at its current location in 1971 and has grown to become Australia’s premier marine park and Queensland attraction.

Sea World is located only a few minutes north of Surfers Paradise and the 55 acre park has a little bit of something for everyone with its mix of rides, shows and marine attractions. One of the best things about Sea World is that no matter what your age you are guaranteed a fun and rewarding experience.

If you are the more adventurous type then the rides will be the first thing you look for at Sea World. The two signature rides at the park are the Jet Rescue and the Sea Viper. Sea Viper is the older of the two roller coasters and is the only attraction that will invert you at the park, as it swings riders over 600m of steel track. The Jet Rescue opened in 2008 and features a unique jet ski like car to propel riders at over 43mph on a chase to rescue sea lions.

Many people find the shows to be the highlight of their Sea World trip and you should make sure to schedule time for at least one during the day.

The big shows are Imagine, a dolphin show occurring in the largest lagoon ever built for the creatures, Fish Detectives which is a show with seals performing tricks on the way to solving an environmental offense, and Pirates Unleashed which replaced the water ski show in 2009. Kids will also love Bert and Ernie’s Island Holiday which features all of their Sesame Street favourites.

The obvious draw of Sea World though is the animals themselves and the park more than lives up to its name with a wide variety of species to see. Shark Bay is the world’s biggest artificial lagoon for sharks, and includes snorkel, dive and touch lagoons for interaction.

There are two different penguin areas, one featuring Antarctic penguins and one fairy penguins allowing people to see how different the subspecies can be. Polar Bear Shores is home to the only Polar Bear exhibit in the country, and allows you to view these magnificent, critically endangered animals from three different vantage points. There are also 17 different aquariums, Dolphin Cove, Ray Reef and many more exhibits showing off the world’s marine life.

The greatest aspect of Sea World though is that by visiting you feel you are making a difference. There are exhibits that show how the research and rescue arms of the company are helping protect and conserve endangered species throughout the world. It shows you your money is aiding in that effort and makes this Queensland attraction a truly feel good experience.

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  • Justin

    Wow, Nice blog… I’m going on vacation next week to Brisbane to visit an old friend might as well drop by Sea World. Your blog made me interested on checking it out…

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