Historic Cooktown – Gateway to Wilderness

 In Tropical North Queensland

The year was 1770. Captain James Cook’s Endeavour sustained severe damage after hitting the Great Barrier Reef. For almost 2 months his crew worked tirelessly to repair the Endeavour as history unfolded.

Cook Town is one of Australia’s last true frontiers. Its rugged raw beauty is as evident today as it was when Captain Cook first visited 247 years ago. History aficionados will lose themselves for hours in the James Cook Museum which features many of Cook’s personal items, as well as one of the Endeavour’s canons and its original anchor.

Sir Joseph Banks collected almost half of his east coast botanical collection on the Endeavour River where Cooktown now proudly stands. Cooktown’s natural beauty is breathtakingly abundant. An ideal picturesque picnic spot for lunch is Little Annan Gorge. Its remarkable waterway of black granite has been carved by nature over thousands of years.

Nearby Black Mountain Lookout is a geological wonder. Constructed from thousands of large black boulders the size of houses, it’s steeped in aboriginal legend and dream time stories. Create your own history just as Captain Cook and his men did. Getting to Cooktown is easy – the fully sealed inland Mulligan Highway is a four-hour scenic drive from Cairns.

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  • Annette Cole

    My husband and I enjoyed our visit the museum and to learn about the early settlers. I settled in Australia myself recently and think we had it easy compared to James Cook and his crew!

  • Rick Bailey

    The James Cook Museum is an obvious must-see attraction. After spending a couple of hours there I was very happy I didn’t suffer the same fate as Cook did – he ended up being eaten by cannibals in Hawaii!

  • Diana Huff

    We spent a day in Cooktown last week and two and half hours in the museum. There’s so much history and the old cannon and anchor from Cook’s ship The Endeavour is an important artefact.

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